Both Foreign and Domestic

Warning! Politically Charged Post!

A little over 6 years ago I made an oath to protect the Constitution of the Untied States against any enemy, both foreign and domestic. Now I do not believe that the Constitution is an absolutely perfect framework for a government, but I do believe that it is really, really good, and it has built into it ways to adapt and change to become more perfect.  Continue reading “Both Foreign and Domestic”



I’ve started to watch Game of Thrones. I have been holding out on watching it because the content is a bit extreme for my tastes. The graphic violence, sexual content, and negative overtones towards religious faith have all played into why I was hesitant to get into it. But with the release of the seventh season on the horizon, and the constant praise it received from my friends I decided to give it a try. And I got hooked. Continue reading “Mercy”

You do You

This is honestly some of the best advice that I’ve gotten in the recent months. Though it usually comes with layers of meaning and sometimes sarcasm. At times it’s encouragement for me to go forward with whatever it is I’m talking about, or at other times it comes with resignation as my friend realizes that there isn’t really anything he can do to change my mind. And the real comic gem in all this advice giving is that it comes in the context of a Star Wars Miniature game that I play. Super nerdy – I know. Continue reading “You do You”

The Netflix Binge

Has anyone else wasted a whole day watching Netflix? Like 8 am to midnight? Because I know most of us have done it, maybe not that extreme, but long enough to feel a little gross about it. I find kind it a little funny that some of the feelings I get when I binge on Netflix are the same as when I binge on food; I feel sluggish, tired, restless, and a little ashamed of myself.  Continue reading “The Netflix Binge”

Distracted and Discouraged

As I continue to think about what happens during life in the wilderness I’ve been caught up with the phrase “distracted and discouraged.” First off I like the alliteration of the double d’s, part of having been a pastor is that we all try to think in terms of alliterations and rhymes to remember what we’re talking about. It also has helped me reflect recently on where my journey through the wilderness has gone, where’s it’s going, and how I’m moving forward. Continue reading “Distracted and Discouraged”

Voices in the Wilderness

Following with my last post about resting in the wilderness, I felt the need to expand the metaphors a bit, and to try to clearly express what I’m saying when I say wilderness, and when I say Sabbath. So today I’m going into one of the primary aspects of the wilderness.

This also has the potential to be one of my most Bible heavy posts, and I’m going to do my best not to get caught up into the academia, and lose sight of how this deeply true image impacts our lives. Continue reading “Voices in the Wilderness”