Thistles and Thorns

Back in the winter I was wrestling with a lot. And I had been wrestling with it for months, and I was getting tired. Along with a lot of emotional and spiritual work I was also moving and stepping away from my calling for a season, and I had been intentional in making those changes and walking forward through them. And I was so tired, and I didn’t know how much more I could dig down and do it. And then I got the image of a Sabbath in the Wilderness and wondered if that was a reality for me, and if that would mark my next step of the journey. I think for a time it was supposed to be that for me, but I took it too far. Continue reading “Thistles and Thorns”



What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?

Have you ever done something that makes you sick to your stomach about yourself?

There’s lots of things people do that make them hate themselves: Lying, cheating, stealing, violence, distancing themselves away from other, saying a rash sarcastic word instead of an uplifting word, or going back to that one thing that you’ve sworn off but can’t seem to be free from.

My poison is lying.

And the worst thing I ever did I did this last weekend. Continue reading “Wretched”

When your “dig-deeper” button is broken

One of my favorite people published another book this year. Steve Wiens used to be a pastor at the church I attended, but he has gone on to plant a new church that is all about new beginnings. Though I was quite bummed to have him leave, it has been amazing to see the new things that he is bringing forth into the world.

His most recent book, “Whole” is all about how when we become personally whole we are able to bring that wholeness into the world and restore the brokenness there. Steve does this by asking questions, telling stories, and opening the Scriptures in ways that makes it feel like the reader is part of the action.

The whole book is amazing. Continue reading “When your “dig-deeper” button is broken”

Both Foreign and Domestic

Warning! Politically Charged Post!

A little over 6 years ago I made an oath to protect the Constitution of the Untied States against any enemy, both foreign and domestic. Now I do not believe that the Constitution is an absolutely perfect framework for a government, but I do believe that it is really, really good, and it has built into it ways to adapt and change to become more perfect.  Continue reading “Both Foreign and Domestic”


I’ve started to watch Game of Thrones. I have been holding out on watching it because the content is a bit extreme for my tastes. The graphic violence, sexual content, and negative overtones towards religious faith have all played into why I was hesitant to get into it. But with the release of the seventh season on the horizon, and the constant praise it received from my friends I decided to give it a try. And I got hooked. Continue reading “Mercy”

You do You

This is honestly some of the best advice that I’ve gotten in the recent months. Though it usually comes with layers of meaning and sometimes sarcasm. At times it’s encouragement for me to go forward with whatever it is I’m talking about, or at other times it comes with resignation as my friend realizes that there isn’t really anything he can do to change my mind. And the real comic gem in all this advice giving is that it comes in the context of a Star Wars Miniature game that I play. Super nerdy – I know. Continue reading “You do You”