The Netflix Binge

Has anyone else wasted a whole day watching Netflix? Like 8 am to midnight? Because I know most of us have done it, maybe not that extreme, but long enough to feel a little gross about it. I find kind it a little funny that some of the feelings I get when I binge on Netflix are the same as when I binge on food; I feel sluggish, tired, restless, and a little ashamed of myself. 

The Netflix binge became a thing much too quickly. Like Netflix started as that DVD delivery system that I thought (and I think along with many others) was kind of lame. And then they started the steaming service and almost overnight everyone was on Netflix, or at least everyone’s parents. And at first there wasn’t too much exciting on Netflix, but as it grew and started to get more and more content, especially T.V. series, it started to become the preferred way to watch shows. No more commercials, no more waiting a week for the next episode, no more getting out of bed.  Before we got a chance to determine if it was good to watch a show all day, we were able to.

I’m guilty of it. Whenever I binge I wish I hadn’t. I wish I didn’t get caught up in the shows as much as I do, relating more to their world than my own. I wish that my life had half as much excitement as what I watch. But that isn’t an excuse to waste my free days, it’s a challenge to make more out of my life than just taking it easy. So I’m working on limiting myself on how much Netflix I consume, just like I would limit how much delicious chocolate cake I would eat so that I didn’t feel sick and regret enjoy something too much.

And I kinda hope that I’m not the only one that experiences that type of feeling with Netflix. It would make me feel kind of lonely. So for all of us over indulgers let’s make a plan to help us in those moments where letting that next episode countdown hit zero feels really sweet, and instead choose something else. For me, some options are things like going for a run, or getting up and going out to a coffee shop to write and read, or maybe see what other people are up to and have some face to face time with a real person. But those might not be a good, life giving option for you, so you can choose something else. Pick a activity that is like a hearty steak for your soul, not the sickly sweet of Netflix. Or maybe a nice lean salad activity if you’re into that kind of thing. The goal is to have a balanced diet of soul nourishment, and we all get to make that choice for ourselves.

In it together friends.


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