Writing Constipation

Ready for a gross post?

Have you ever sat on the toilet for an extended period of time and realized with a bit of frustration that what was in you was not going to come out at that time? You’ve pushed and pushed, but to no avail. And the old saying comes to mind; it’s time to shit or get off the pot. And you realized it’s the time to get off the pot.

I’ve been feeling that a bit with writing. I’ve started multiple posts the past couple of weeks, but nothing has dropped. I’ve sat down with great intentions, topics and phrases that I want to explore, and have thought about, and I think I have an idea of where they want to go when I’ve started writing, but as I get going, nothing comes out. I think the usual term for this is “writer’s block.”

When you get backed up for a significant amount of time, you start looking for all the little tips and tricks to get things moving again. Running, eating more fiber, and if you get desperate enough even trying out a laxative or going to the doctor’s. We try to figure out what to do to get regular again, and relieve the pressure. I’m trying to figure out what that looks like for me and writing. Trying to find that inspiration that helps the thoughts flow out with ease. I can’t help but think of the Squatty Potty as I write this. A little thing that helps the body do what it was designed to do, the way it was designed to do it. But what is the Squatty Potty in dealing with writing?

As I explore my options on ways to clear my creativity kink I’m still going to try to get something out. As I run through my childhood city, trying to enjoy this unseasonably warm Minnesota January, I’m hoping my ideas get clearer and the words to describe my thoughts come along. I also hope sharing some of my difficulties right now with friends, and hearing some of the ways they get their heads clear helps me a bit. But overall I’m not too worried, because even as I sit in front of this screen and nothing comes, I do enjoy the process. I now that right now I’m doing something that I was made to do, and I’m learning that even if we’re made to do something, it doesn’t always come naturally. And sometimes all you really need is a little extra push to get things going again.

In it together friends.


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